is a very dark game, in every sense of the word. If you’ve missed the trailer at E3, don’t fret. This Xbox Live Arcade title will be known to everyone very soon as it’s less than two weeks from release. Just check out how ominous and beautifully stark the game is, as you play a boy who heads to the underworld to find his sister.

As you can see, it definitely has the feel of an old adventure game in the Out of this World or Heart of Darkness vein, a game that doesn’t give you any instructions whatsoever, merely thrusting you into a dangerous world and letting you figure it all out for yourself. Limbo‘s controls are as simple as its visuals- you use the analog stick to move, a jump button, and a context-sensitive “use” button. That’s it. But people who’ve gotten their hands on the game already have remarked on how tricky the game is, how hard the puzzles get. The one thing the trailer doesn’t show is how violent it is, just containing hits of all the bad things that can befall you.
I recommend you download this trailer on your 360, because it looks glorious in HD.

Limbo kicks off Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade on July 21st, the most exciting of a lineup that contains a new six-player co-op 2D Castlevania! For more on Limbo and developer PlayDead Studios check out their official site.