REVIEWniverse reportedly has an exclusive stating that Mike Judge is working on 30 new episodes of Beavis and Butthead
to run on MTV.  Their source is that cautionary guy,
Anonymous, who seems to get around quite a bit.  But they go
on to say: The source conceded that plans for actual broadcast are not yet cemented, or even a given, but confirmed that the King of the Hill/Office Space/Idiocracy maestro is definitely in the midst of writing new B and B material with the hopes of a full-throttle return.  Even better news for fans is that, should this come to pass, Judge
plans on retaining the show’s original ghetto-tech aesthetic, right
down to the faded color palatte. The source also reveals that the
Extract director intends on keeping B and B‘s
format identical to its original sketch-videos-sketch incarnation, but
with more contemporary music clips for the cartoon slacker-duo to

Assuming there’s anything legit to this, awesome.  I’ve missed these guys for years and it would be nice to see them again in new adventures.  It’s about the only reason for which I can possibly imagine dusting off MTV, that’s for sure.  As always, take with a salt lick until this gets more concrete, if at all.