It’s not entirely surprising to read Ain’t It Cool’s report that the latest Bond film – already put into unlimited limbo – may just simply wither away and die. The new film, which was to be written by the great Peter Morgen and directed by the competent Sam Mendes, could just become a Bond Movie That Never Was, lost in the shuffle as MGM farts away into oblivion.

There’s only so long that people like Mendes can hang around a seemingly permanently stalled project, and once he walks away things probably start falling apart at a quick rate. And nothing can be done about it, as MGM’s continuing financial clusterfuck ties the hands of producers EON.

Harry’s pretty upset about it all, but I find it hard to get worried about losing a Sam Mendes Bond film. I do wonder what this all will mean for Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond – if a film doesn’t get started in the next year or so, when does he begin trying to back out of his contract so that he can do other work? I’d like to see another Craig Bond film, and that’s my petty personal concern when it comes to this MGM business.