One of the Oscar speeches that’s easy to remember is James Cameron’s upon winning Best Picture for Titanic
in 1998.  He took a second to remember the people who died on the
doomed luxury liner…then he invited everybody in attendance to party
till dawn.  He was doing some more partying recently with Titanic
co-star, Gloria Stuart, who reached her 100th birthday recently. 
Frances Fisher, Shirley Maclaine and Tom Arnold were also in

One of the news bits to come out of coverage from
that party is word that Titanic 3D is getting a more concrete release
date: April 2012, which would be the 100th anniversary of her sinking. 
And commenting on his triple-digit-aged friend, Cameron said: “Gloria’s so alive, and her creativity, her artistry and the sparkle in
her eyes is a challenge to all of us to live as fully and richly as she
has and will continue to do as she heads into her 101st year.  We all love you, Gloria, and not just because about half of the people
in this room are the direct or indirect product of your loins.”