When Robert Rodriguez isn’t busy making 3D movies for infants he is also teasing the internet with assurances that he’ll make other films like Sin City 2. Every now and again one of those teases will reach fruition – like Machete – and all of a sudden you have to take everything he says seriously again.

Well, RRod is back on the beat, telling the press that he’s got Sin City 2 on the burner. He gave this tortured quote to Digital Spy: “We have a script… a rewritten script that we still have to write and it’s just finding the right time slot to do it.”

I’m not even sure what a rewritten script (that they have) that they still have to write even means, but that’s how close he is to doing Sin City 2. Maybe he’s waiting for Mickey Rourke to complete his latest crash and burn from fame so that he’ll be reasonably priced to come back (as a ghost or in a prequel or something).

For those looking for nostalgia and the inexplicable replacing of punctuation with question marks, here’s my original Sin City review from 2005.