…okay, maybe they don’t want to take it that far.

All the same, for the Fraggle Rock fanboys out there, it may be distressing news to find out that the Weinstein Company is giving director Cory Edwards heavy notes and attempting to inject some “edge” and “sophistication” into the new film he’s developing.

In a very candid (maybe even trouble-makingly candid) interview with You Bent My Wookie, Cory Edwards describes some of his frustrations while developing the film under the Weinsteins.

“That’s the only thing that I’ve gotten back from the studio, as an overall note — “that they may want to bring in another writer, and they wanna make it edgier.”

…that really disappointed me. And it really concerns me.”

It’s not necessarily all bad though…

“Since then, I’ve been able to sit down with Weinstein’s new VP of Development and really talk about their issues with the movie. We’ve had some very good conversations about what they think “edgy” is and what I think “edgy” is.

We got down to the philosophies of why to even make a Fraggle movie in the first place. And I think they’ve been able to qualify their word “edgy” with the word “older.”

They want this movie to connect with an older, more sophisticated audience. I want to help them figure out what that means so that we are both happy. But right now it’s up to the studio to decide what they really want and how they’re going to move forward.”

So yeah, no puppet sex, and no puppet heroin, and no puppet massacres perhaps… but there’s definitely much to be figured out before Edwards can start rolling film on felt.

Fraggle Rock is a show that was definitely before my time, and so most of these characters are unfamiliar to me, but Edwards did give a rundown of sorts on what characters fans can expect to see…

Doc is in the movie.
Sprocket is in.
The Doozers are currently there.
Trash Heap is in.
The Gorgs may not be in, considering his dodgy comments about having “a lot of things to do in one movie.”

I would suggest fans of all things Fraggle take a look at the full interview to get all of Edwards comments.

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