STUDIO: Lionsgate
MSRP: $12.98
RATED: Unrated
RUNNING TIME: 120 minutes

The Pitch

A talk show about animals, hosted by animals.

The Humans

DON’T YOU MEAN THE ANIMALS. Stinky the skunk, and Jake the polar bear. Armstrong the chicken hawk, and Ollie the anteater(?) And Tizzy the honey bee and Yves St La Roache the French cockroach who is a chef.

“This is really good shit, Stinky!” “I know! Look at the treeeees!”

The Nutshell

This fucking show. It’s a talk show hosted by muppet versions of animals, with special muppet version of animals guests. There are musical segments, quizzes, and a few other irritating segments. All in the vein of being educational.

The Lowdown

There is something special about a lot of Henson productions that are indeed made for children, but manage to translate for adults too. Whether it’s the weird and wacky humor, sneaky innuendo, interesting music choices and odd/famous special guests of the original Muppet Show; or the wonderful blending of real-world and fantasy, and the delightfully repetitive and naive educational nature of the early Sesame Street years – Jim Henson and company had something very special going on back then. And they still do, in a lot of ways. This show, though. I can’t imagine how it could even be appealing for children of any age. It’s boring, unfunny, and largely misleading in its “educational” information. I understand that when creating a show for children about the animal kingdom it’s necessary to not scare or cause them to question too much – just feed them basic info and hopefully entertain them – but there needs to be SOMETHING of substance. There is not one shadow of the circle of life or the birds and the bees. Except the tiger guest got really serious for a minute about how they’re being poached to the brink of extinction. In the middle of a show that treats the animal kingdom as a bunch of fuzzy fun friends, when they suddenly drop the Serious Bomb, it’s discomfiting. I found nothing to enjoy with this, except that the decent puppet/muppet creations are interesting to watch. Kinda. Yeah, I got nothin’.  

Look who stopped by the show, kids! Nick Nolte and Melted ALF!

The Package

There are no special features, and the video/audio quality is passable.

1.4 out of 10