Film Weekend Per Total
1 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse $69,000,000 $15,443 $161,000,000
2 The Last Airbender $40,650,000 $12,827 $57,000,000
3 Toy Story 3 $30,174,000 (-49.1%) $7,491 $289,000,000
4 Grown Ups $18,500,000 (-54.3%) $5,235 $77,082,000
5 Knight & Day $10,200,000 (-49.4%) $3,286 $45,508,000
6 The Karate Kid $8,000,000 (-48.5%) $2,573 $151,523,000
7 The A-Team $3,025,000 (-51.2%) $1,405 $69,116,000
8 Get Him to the Greek $1,185,000 (-62.3%) $1,340 $57,427,000
9 Shrek Forever After $799,000 (-74.2%) $835 $232,182,000
10 Cyrus $770,000 (+155.6%) $10,000 $1,488,000

This just in: minimalism.

The Twilight series is frontloaded, so that the weekend for Eclipse only did a little more than the first day suggests the film will not get to $300. It will also be off a great deal next weekend, but it’s going to be over $200 Million by then so it should do over $250 in total, though I don’t think it will get over $290 like the last one. The new films should start shooting shortly, and they may suffer some sag as well, but only in that the fourth book is the least liked of the franchise. Still, both should do over $200 Million without any heavy lifting, and one wonders on how Summit will try and milk the cash cow even more.

The Last Airbender got its opening, which means that it should be able to get over $100, and maybe a little more. The film has not engendered a lot of support, so it likely will die next weekend, but even a 70% tumble means it’ll be over $80 Million. The film will be made or broken by international, but this does not appear to be the start of a franchise, and M. Night Shyamalan is going to have to do something very impressive to resurrect his career. But it should do a little more than Grown Ups business.

Toy Story 3 is about three days away from hitting $300 Million, and is still doing well, so $350 seems like a logical stopping point. It all depends on how it weathers next week’s Despicable Me, which doesn’t seem to have a lot of traction (nor does Predators). Grown Ups should be able to limp itself to $100 Million, but that’s just about it. Knight and Day has a listed budget of $117 Million. Ouch. Cyrus expanded screens, and is taking advantage of a weak marketplace to become the 500 Days of Summer of this summer. I’m sure next weekend it will get on more screens, and the film should prove to be successful with its low production costs. We’re a week and a half from Inception, which is something to be excited about.