Ehren Kruger, one of the worst screenwriters in the business (but also one of the busiest), has been brought on to do rewrites on Scream 4. Which is filming right now. Kruger is no stranger to the franchise, as he did some writing on the horrible third film.

But it seems that Kruger’s rewriters are causing problems. According to Zap2It, Lauren Graham dropped out after her role was slashed to nothing, and even Hayden Panetierre is ‘beyond frustrated with the changes.’

According to Shock Til You Drop Kevin Williamson isn’t doing the rewrites because he’s busy on The Vampire Diaries. Still, none of this bodes well. Hope you weren’t looking forward to this movie.

There is good news, though – Community‘s Alison Brie has joined the cast. For now. Until they write her out as well.

via Heat Vision