I like to imagine Sam Worthington sitting in a chair in his home, going through the newspaper, when he realizes something. ‘Oi, mate!’ he cries out. ‘There are two big movies this weekend and I’m not in either one. Strewth! I’m not in any movies this summer! Fuck me, the John Madden movie I made is still TBD!’

And with that he sprang into action, starting a production company – Full Clip – and then getting a deal with Radical Publishing to create new comic books that are basically only intended to be adapted into movies. This way there will never again be a month that goes by where Worthington isn’t either starring in a movie or at least signing on to one and thus getting coverage in the trades.

The first movie out the gate will be Damages, which Heat Vision describes thusly:

“centers on two brothers committed to justice in different ways — one inside the law, one violently beyond it.  Now with the end of their careers approaching, they must train their replacements, hoping to remake them in their image. But the vigilante code has changed and the brothers are left unprepared for the true lawlessness and corruption that is about to be unleashed.”

John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz created the concept and David Lapham, the writer-artist behind comics such as the acclaimed “Stray Bullets,” is writing the graphic novel.

The Schwarz boys are Worthington’s partners in Full Clip. Worthington has already been working with Radical on another comic property, The Last Days of the American Gangster.