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A report
on Blue Sky Disney
has Josh
Hutcherson signed, sealed and delivered for the role of Peter Parker in
the new Spider-Man
Hutcherson has recently confirmed what we all knew – that he had
extensively screen tested for the role.

But not so fast. I have sources that
cast some doubt on this. At the very least Hutcherson has not yet been offered the part. He very well
could still get the offer (although some of my sources have placed
doubt on this), but as of this morning there was  no solid
casting of Hutcherson.

I’ve heard rumors that Hutcherson is a
favorite for the role of Cyclops in style="font-style: italic;"> style="font-weight: bold;">X-Men: First Class,
but I can’t verify that at the moment. Between Hutcherson and Michael
Fassbender, it’s interesting seeing how much overlap there may be in the
casting of these two Marvel projects.

In the meantime I wouldn’t expect to
find out who our new Spidey is for sure until Comic Con. Or until a
massive leak forces Sony’s hand.