Deadline is reporting that X-Men: First Class has scored another mutant: Alice Eve is in talks to play Emma Frost in the prequel.

I only know Eve from She’s Out of My League, where I found her kind of generic, wooden and, weirdly enough, just like an 8.5 out of 10 (although since the movie was set in Pittsburgh maybe she’s a Pittsburgh 10/10. Living in LA and NYC has really jaded me when it comes to empty, beautiful actress and model types. I expect more!). She’s done plenty of other work, though, and hopefully it’s something in those roles that spoke to director Matthew Vaughn.

Emma Frost has had many incarnations in the X-Men comic. Her inclusion here indicates to me that X-Men: First Class is going to be trying to follow the X-Men Origins: Wolverine continuity, which feels weird even as I guess it makes perfect sense. Frost was, in the past, an evil mutant given to wearing very, very skimpy bondage outfits and going under the guise of The White Queen. She’s one of those characters who has mental powers that are completely open to reinterpretation from issue to issue by the writers; lately she’s also been able to turn her skin into diamonds. That seems to be what the Wolverine Emma Frost could do as well.

One thing I’ll bet – Emma Frost will be in the movie creating a schism between young Jean Grey and young Scott Summers. In Grant Morrison’s run on X-Men Frost and Summers had a thing going on, and dramatically it makes sense to include that in this prequel.