I love The Inside Man. It’s unabashedly a Spike Lee movie, while also being a really great heist film. The director manages to keep his personal style and address his personal issues while presenting audience pleasing entertainment. In a lot of ways I think that’s the highest form of mainstream cinema.

Lee could be getting back into that mode with Nagasaki Deadline, a domestic terrorism thriller. Here’s the synopsis from Deadline Hollywood: The film focuses on a troubled FBI agent and his desperate race to thwart two terrorist attacks planned to unfold on American soil. The fed goes beyond obvious suspects to focus on theories that the crime is tied to historical events, as he races against the clock.

Nagasaki Deadline has been around for over a decade; the script got shelved in the wake of 9/11, and it was almost made by Martin Campbell a couple of years back. The movie is being produced by Jim Cameron’s Lightstorm, and it’s set to shoot next year. I’m hoping that it shoots with Spike at the helm.