Today was the press junket for Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated masterpiece Inception, but very little news came out of the day. Shockingly, no one even asked Nolan about Batman 3 or Superman!

The one bit of news that did arise came from Leonardo DiCaprio, who dropped some small hints about the upcoming J Edgar Hoover movie that he’ll be making with Clint Eastwood. ‘I am talking to Clint Eastwood about playing J. Edgar Hoover who had his hand in some of the most scandalous moments in American history,’ the actor said.  ‘Everything from Dillinger to Martin Luther King and JFK. It’s about the secret life of J. Edgar Hoover.’

That means that the movie will span decades, leaving many to wonder how the perennially baby faced DiCaprio is going to pass as an old man. Make-up and wardrobe, I’d assume. It’ll be interesting to see DiCaprio pull off the challenge of making us believe he’s a 60 year old (fat) man.

But the secret life bit is what’s most interesting. There’s a lot of debate about whether or  not Hoover was a homosexual, and whether or not he was in a relationship with his right hand man, Clyde Tolson. I suspect (just based on a guess, and what Leo said at the press conference about what draws him to roles) that the film will take the point of view of Roy Cohn, closeted gay and out evil bastard, namely that while Hoover was in love with Tolson he would never have been able to be sexual about it.

One of the other big rumors about Hoover (mostly debunked at this point) was that he was a cross dresser. That, it seems, will not be in the film. ‘We haven’t done the fitting for [dresses],’ Leo said. ‘So I don’t think so.’