Most white collar jobs, are just that. They require a person to be well dressed. The second half of my first year in my current profession I started wearing a dress shirt and a tie along with the dress slacks that I already was always wearing. It’s not required, but I still decided this would benefit me more.

Indeed it has. Most just wear polo shirts, as a “meet you halfway” type thing, and I don’t mind that. I sometimes do that, and we do have casual Fridays where we can wear jeans and sneakers.

I happen to enjoy dressing up, and it does help out quite a bit. It gives an air of respect, and in my profession, respect is everything. Can’t have students being disrespectful. As soon as they see the tie and dress shirt, they tend to think immediately that this person means business. I gave this advice to an acquaintance of mine, and he said that it really helped him manage them better, and command respect better. That means it’s not just me.

I find it pretty fun to be able to tie a tie. I’ve got various different ones that my students really like as well. I’ve got a Beatles one that is pretty popular.

Rene’s song of the day: “Hey Mr. Dreamer” by Sammy Johns.

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