You knew it was coming.  And now here it is: the Little Fockers trailer, courtesy of YouTube.  The synopsis, via Wikipedia:

After marrying Pam, the daughter of a retired CIA agent, Gaylord “Greg” Focker now has five-year old twins. The film will
revolve around the couple trying to cope with raising their children. Greg begins to go through a mid-life crisis as he ponders the rest
of his life as his children come into play, he also begins to worry
about being a good father and obtaining a stable job earning money for
his family. This leads Jack to become highly suspicious once again
about what is going on with Greg. This leads to a lot of suspense
between the two and eventually leads to a fight between the two

Checking out that Wikipdedia article, it hit me: was it ever mentioned that De Niro’s character Jack’s middle name was Tiberius?  Really?  Been so long since I saw the original.  And I didn’t bother with the sequel.  Anyway, credit to Dustin Hoffman if he bailed on this one.

Little Fockers opens on December 22nd.

Blame Tati for the tip.