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My grandparents moved to Ozone Park
Queens in the 1980s and John Gotti was always a presence. He lived
nearby in Howard Beach, and he had ‘interests’ in Ozone Park. Every year
he threw a 4th of July fireworks party that was technically illegal,
and was always a very good time. And at the party there would be the
whispered stories, especially about the guy who had run over Gotti’s 12
year old son back in 1980 and who was never seen again.

was the Teflon Don for years, unable to be nailed down to any crime,
but his luck ran out and he ended up in a SuperMax facility, where he
died. In his time Gotti had an incredible run, and the biggest surprise
is that his family got a reality show before he got a movie.

that movie could be coming, with Sylvester Stallone playing Gotti.
That’s according to TMZ, who says that Sly has been having talks with
John Gotti Jr; the site says that the film the two would make would
focus on the man’s rocky relationship with his dad. With the movie
having the Gotti family blessing you have to wonder how… truthful
it’ll be, especially in regards to the many murders that never got
pinned on anybody.

to TMZ
the talks are so advanced that
Sly is looking for writers. It’s possible that this Gotti movie could
be the thing Stallone does after he gets out of his 80s nostalgia phase.