One game that snuck by our radar this E3 is Rock of Ages, a new title from ACE Team, the guys behind the great Zeno Clash. They’re not resting on their laurels from that strange and beautiful game, no, they’ve got another unique experience on the way for us.

The concept behind Rock of Ages will immediately reawaken the child in you, as the goal is to simply roll a giant rock down a uneven, narrow path on the way to utterly demolish a castle. Along the way your opponent has set up defenses, everything from soldiers and towers to slow you down and repel your attack. Of course, as soon as your turn is over it’s time for your opponent to launch a rock your way, and your turn to set up defenses.

The style is definitely reminiscent of Gilliam’s art, and the game will feature different terrains and art styles from various times in history. It sure is purty! Check out the teaser trailer:

Atlus U.S.A. (publishers of Zeno Clash on Xbox Live Arcade, which is most definitely worth a purchase!) are handling digital distribution, although no platforms or release date besides Spring 2011 has been announced yet. Check the official site for more, and be happy that these guys are promoting games like this in a world nearly devoid of originality.