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that Matt Damon is in the final
stages of negotiation to join Cameron Crowe’s style="font-style: italic;"> style="font-weight: bold;">We Bought A Zoo,
based on a memoir of the same name by Benjamin Mee.

is not a film that gets my heart racing, despite my long-held love for
Crowe. In the true story, Mee’s wife is dying of cancer and he ends up
buying a broken down wildlife park in England, replete with 200 animals.
In the movie it seems like Mee’s wife is dead right from the start
(ooh, all the better to have a foxy local lady help him heal his
heart!), but the zoo shit – and all the lessons Mee and his kids learn –
stay intact.

It sounds like the sappiest sort of
sentimental shit, and I can’t tell what Damon coming on board means.
Does it mean the script is better than the concept, or does it mean that
after Green
Damon would like a hit? I’ll try to
keep my mind open, but Cameron Crowe doesn’t need to follow up the
misfire of Elizabethtown with something this treacly.