There’s a thread on the CHUD message board, The B Action Thread, that has its own ecosystem. The thread itself has gotten over 2 million views. It’s a monster, and the guys who post in it take their B action movies very, very seriously. For the past few months I’ve been repeating what I’ve been told – by folks within Lionsgate! – that The Expendables was going to be a PG-13 film. It was written PG-13, I was told. It was shot PG-13. The B Action thread said it wasn’t so. The Expendables, they told me, would be R.

They were right.

So hats off to the hardcore in the B Action thread, and hats off to Sylvester Stallone for convincing Lionsgate to go not just R but hard R on this one. Here’s what the MPAA had to say: Rated for strong action and bloody violence throughout, and for some language.

I’ve heard nothing but terrible things about this film, and the trailers have looked cheesy as hell, but if the action is properly brutal, maybe this will be something to check out.

After you see Scott Pilgrim, of course.