Moviehole has a story about an unlikely revival of a long-dead franchise.  David S. Ward, the writer / director of Major League I and II, commented to the site that not only is a new Major League a possibility, but that he’s spoken with Charlie Sheen about returning as Wild Thing: “It’s 20 years later, and Wild Thing comes out of retirement to work
with this 19-year-old player”, Ward says of the storyline. “We’ve
actually got three new characters in the new film. And if the new film
is popular, they could carry the franchise on.  He’s excited to do it
if and when it happens”, says
Ward. “But he can’t shoot it this year, because he’s back doing
Two-and-a-Half Men, but we could potentially shoot it next year – in
his hiatus from the show”.

said he’s open to Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen and even Wesley Snipes returning to the project, but for right now, is only setting his sights
on Sheen.  I love the original Major League, but the sequel was such a lifeless heap, and the third film, Back To The Minors I don’t even consider the bastard son of the franchise.  One might recall that in the original, Wild Thing came straight to Cleveland Indians tryouts from prison.  Considering that Charlie himself is headed that way for assaulting his wife last year, this is indeed life imitating art if it comes to pass.