This is the movie everyone ought to care about.

The big one.

The one holding 2010 in its fist and ready to punch a mediocre film year through the ionosphere towards amazingtown. The four people I know who have seen it are universal in its praise and though overhype is a bitch, but this is as much a lock as we’re going to see this year.

You know what it’s about. You know who made it. You know you want to see it before everyone else. Everything else is chaff.

Here’s what to do, and we’re going to be a little discerning with this since passes aren’t plentiful and it’s going to be a great time at the movies. Answer the questions below and include your mailing address and make sure you use the link below because the subject line being uniform is vital:

1. How long have you been reading CHUD and how did you find us?
2. What was most amazing theatrical experience you’ve ever had?
3. Could you hit us up on Twitter or Facebook?
4. Shameless Plug: Are you going to see the movie I was a producer on when it hits theaters on January 21, 2010?
5. What is it about this movie that excites you most?