The junket for Inception is this week and I can’t wait to
finally settle down in a theater and watch whatever Christopher Nolan
has cooked up. I would like to remain as spoiler free as possible, but
it’s getting harder by the day – the good news is that the hype and
marketing machine will really kick into gear after I’ve
seen the movie. The rest of you won’t be so lucky.

The latest offender in the slow
spoiling of Inception is a very good look at the
different characters in the film. I think this short featurette clears
up many questions about the movie’s plot, which could be a problem for
some. And I think it reinforces my early guess at what the film’s final
twisterooni could be (not a spoiler, but some people freak the fuck out
about even reading speculation, so invisotexted: Is this all Leonardo DiCaprio’s
dream? The returning presence of water – a dream signifier in DePalma’s
! – and
many lines of dialogue, as well as the seeming reveal of what Marion
Cotillard’s character is, point to yes

if you’re brave (or weak!) enough, here’s a
link to the excellent featurette that has me even more psyched for my
upcoming screening.