Maybe the first trailer for Green Hornet was cut specifically to make it look like a generic, off brand super hero movie in an attempt to draw audiences in to what is not a generic movie at all. If so: good work! If not: uh oh! Because this looks a lot like a very generic movie, and very little of what is on display in the trailer says Michel Gondry to me.

Of course judging movies by trailers is for suckers. Marketing departments notoriously screw these things up. And you can’t judge a two hour movie on two minutes. That said, the chemistry between Seth Rogen and Jay Chou feels sluggish, and stuff blows up.

As of right now, if I was a normal paying customer, I’m not going to see this movie. Let’s hope the next trailer showcases what’s unique and special about this movie, not what makes it like 40 other movies I’ve seen the past few years. And let’s hope the next trailer showcases Rogen and Chou having a good rapport, because right now their relationship seems dismally flat.