I think you can pick out the true bits of that headline.  If not, rest assured there won’t be any more killer trees in M. Night’s next.  OK, actually, I can’t even make that assurance, because at this point, nobody knows for sure what his next project entails, except for Shyamalan and the people to whom he’s shopped around his latest, super secret script.  How super secret is it?  Reportedly, Shyamalan had an assistant who would personally deliver the script to a studio exec, wait till he/she was finished, then take the script back.  What is known is that Shyamalan regular Bruce Willis, as well as Gwyneth Paltrow and Bradley Cooper are loosely attached to star, says THR.com.

Right in the midst of promotion for Shyamalan’s latest gig, The Last Airbender, which premieres on July 1st, the new script from The Sixth Sense director is making some rounds, looking for a home.  Shyamalan, who could have Xeroxed part of the Philadelphia phone book and gotten it made a few years ago, has seen some of that influence diminish of late.  But if Airbender becomes a hit, he could find it quite a bit easier to get said script produced.