The X-Men prequel that slipped from Bryan Singer’s hands into Matthew Vaughn’s mitts is trucking through the casting stage with news now that Beast has been cast, with the role going to Benjamin Walker. Though he’s appeared in film like Flags of Our Fathers  and Kinsey, Ben is a fresh face and one we’ll see plenty of– Total Film notes  that the film (at least currently) will stick with canon that doesn’t have Beast turn blue until his twenties. He’s joining James McAvoy, who will play Professor X.

There’s plenty of rumors still awaiting confirmation or debunking concerning the cast of X-Men: First Class, including Michael Fassbender as Magneto as well as Amber Heard, Aaron Johnson, and Rosamund Pike as Mystique, Cyclops, and Dr. MacTaggart respectively.

Expect many more casting details to emerge from the large ensemble that will make up this rebootquelment.