Film Weekend Per Lifetime
1 Toy Story 3 $109,000,000 $27,061 $109,000,000
2 The Karate Kid $29,000,000 (-47.9%) $7,917 $106,254,000
3 The A-Team $13,775,000 (-46.3%) $3,887 $49,797,000
4 Get Him to the Greek $6,117,000 (-38.5%) $2,360 $47,857,000
5 Shrek Forever After $5,520,000 (-65.0%) $1,721 $222,977,000
6 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time $5,273,000 (-18.7%) $2,024 $80,508,000
7 Killers $5,100,000 (-36.3%) $1,947 $39,370,000
8 Jonah Hex $5,085,000 $1,800 $5,085,000
9 Iron Man 2 $2,675,000 (-40.8%) $1,659 $304,764,000
10 Marmaduke $2,650,000 (-55.9%) $1,062 $27,886,000

This just in: Father’s day, the time of year where my condescension and emotional unavailability is like catnip to the ladies.

Toy Story 3 - unless it acts like the third X-Men film and collapses immediately – is now pretty much guaranteed to get over or within spitting range of $300 Million domestic. The other films that have done better and haven’t crossed the $300 mark tend to be more front-loaded. This is going to play (though there’s Harry Potters that have opened bigger and didn’t hit $300). $400 is also not out of the question, and the film looks to be the premiere kids entertainment of the summer, so though it opened like a sequel, it isn’t necessarily as front loaded. Regardless, international will be strong, and Pixar wins again.

The Karate Kid crossed $100 Million this weekend. It will need to slow down if it has any hopes of crossing the $200 Mark. It could, as it weathered Toy Story better than Shrek, but a $170 total is more likely at this point. But that’s a great number, where The A Team isn’t yet at $50. Hope international is better, boys, you’re not going to get to $100 domestic. Shrek 4 is wrapping up, but everything is so weak right now it could hang out a bit longer. Still, $250 is out of reach now.

Get Him to the Greek is a modest success for what it is, and could keep playing for a bit, even with Grown Ups next week. Persia dropped 18%, so Disney is saying “yeah, we want to limp it to $100.” But that is an uphill climb, whereas the same weekend’s Sex and the City 2 is at $90 but also out of the top ten. Iron Man 2 is comfortably over $300, and so that it didn’t outperform the original is not a big deal cause it’ll be close. By now it strikes me there was more sequel talk for the first film than there is for this one. But Marvel’s on a multi-tiered assault on the cinemas, and we are not there yet with Captain America or The Avengers (or Thor for that matter), so they’re likely happy enough. Marma-done. Ashton Kutcher is supposedly an international draw. Lionsgate better hope that’s true with Killers.

Jonah Hex was a disaster all the way around, and may collaterally cement Megan Fox’s career. It should outperform MacgGruber, but only just. We’re almost there, almost ready for the next Twilight movie, and I – for one – am excited.