I watch Rounders more than I care to admit. I’ll cop to five times a year and the rest is my business. It’s a very special movie to me and its creators Brian Koppelman & David Levien are guys I really love the work of and champion because they are such good, smart writers who have just scratched the surface of the good stuff they’re going to bring to the industry. We had them on the show yesterday, and Justin asked them about the status of Rounders 2. The results won’t have any of us planning a visit to the theater anytime soon it’s nice to see that when it finally does come to screens it’ll be for the right reasons. The entire audio of the interview will be up shortly, but here’s the skinny straight from the people in charge of making it happen:

David Levien:
It got mentioned in some article. As the years go by and we run into Damon or Norton, who we’ve always stayed in touch with… Even checking in with Malkovich and John Dahl. Everybody wants to do another one. We do also. It’s just a question of telling the right story. We sort of have a way in, but we want to protect the first one and do the right movie. We don’t just want to jam another sequel. Everybody is on board. We think it’ll happen at some point. Someone mentioned it in an article and it got this little bit of life on the internet.

Brian Koppelman: Matt mentioned it and you mentioned it in an interview for your book. We don’t have a script. It’s all nonsense until we have a script.

No Rounders 2 yet, but the team is in place and when they’ve locked a perfect idea down it’ll happen. That pleases me greatly. In the audio you’ll hear them explain that process in more detail, punctuated by a lot of messy questions from me and one ill-timed joke from Justin. Until then, enjoy!