Viral websites designed like real memetic Internet content are not new, but few have done such a thorough job of covering all the angles as

The central site looks (delightfully) like any poorly generated website of the 90s filled with bare links, GIFs, and an over-abundance of pictures. There are also a dozen or so links that lead you to other sites that emulate YTMND pages (a medium of internet humor I still have a guilty fondness for), Tumblr photo-blogs, a ChatRoulette parody, and more. If you sift through it you’ll get to see a few scenes and moments from the film, which pits John C. Reily against his girlfriend’s maladjusted son.

The film itself has long been on the dismally-short list of films I actually give a shit about this summer, so I encourage you to check it out. The viral site is definitely amusing, and worth spending a few minutes clicking around.

The trailer is below, the film’s actual website (which has great musical taste) is here, and the film opens up starting today, June 18th.