FearNet has a couple of things going on over at their joint that may be of interest to you.  This first is an original streaming animated series called Mari-Kari, starring Shannen Doherty in a dual role.  The other is 20 free horror movies they have available this week. 

revolves around twin sisters, Mari, who is bright and bubbly…and alive; and Kari, who is none of those things.  Whenever someone is mean to Mari at school, Kari exacts bloody revenge.  Two two-minute episodes have been premiering every week since June 3rd, for a total of eight episodes through next week. 

You can catch the first six episodes here.

Also, the following movies are available free this week here:

Left for Dead
Wishmaster 3
Wishmaster 4
Hostel: Part II – Director’s Cut
Return of the Living Dead 3 – Director’s Cut
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Class of 1999 II: The Substitute
American Psycho 2
Dead Alive
Sam’s Lake
Black Water
Route 666
The Children
Seventh Moon
Dance of the Dead
The Thaw
Brotherhood of Blood
House of the Dead
Night of the Living Dead (2006)
Daddy’s Girl