Steven Spielberg’s War Horse is all staffed up, according to EmpireWar Horse
is adapted from the Michael Morpurgo novel and tells the story of a
foal named Joey who is sold to the Army in 1914 and sees the horrors of
World War 1 from the battlefield.  All the while, he longs to return to Albert, his friend from the farm where he was born.  Joey is eventually wounded and captured by the Germans before an unlikely reunion with Albert in battle.  The story is told through the viewpoint of Joey.

Jeremy Irvine will star as Albert.  He’ll be joined by Emily Watson and Peter Mullan, who will portray his parents. David Thewlis and Benedict Cumberbatchand, who will play Major Stewart have also signed on.  Rounding out the cast will be Niels Arestrup, Celine Buckens, Nicholas Bro, David Kross, Leonard Carow, Rainer Bock, Robert Emms, Patrick Kennedy.  Tom Hiddleston and Stephen Graham are also in talks to join.

War Horse is scheduled for an August 10, 2011 premiere.