Since we’re not TMZ, Tiger Beat, or, we don’t typically get too much Miley Cyrus news coming our way.  But as Billy Ray’s blooming wild child is about to go legal, it looks like she’s starting to seek out slightly more mature projects (and strpper poles apparently). has word that Destiny Hope has signed onto the young adult thriller, Wake, for Paramount.  Wake is the first of three novels written by [Lisa] McMann about a
17-year-old girl named Janie with the unwanted ability to become sucked
into people’s dreams. Not surprisingly, she sees things she would
rather not see. But when she gets pulled into a terrible nightmare,
Janie dangerously goes from mere witness to participant. 
The project will be adapted by Disturbia, Another Day in Paradise and Blood and Chocolate writer, Christopher Landon.

Of course, Cyrus is the current star of the Hannah Montana TV show and Hannah Montana: The Movie, both of which has made her enough dough to by her dad about a million times over.  She also starred in 2009’s The Last Song, along with being a frequent presence on the pop music charts.  She also has LOL: Laughing Out Loud coming up in 2011 with Demi Moore. 

And FYI, it will be safe to look at the exponentially growing number of suggestive pictures of her on the internet on November 23rd.