This year I have seen three hands down great crime films, and none of them have been ‘mainstream’ movies. Two have been foreign, while the third is an indie that’s only playing in a handful of theaters right now. Winter’s Bone is a great Ozark noir that you must catch if it’s playing near you, while A Prophet might be the best crime film since Goodfellas (seriously), and it’s coming to home video this August. The other crime film is Animal Kingdom, an Australian family crime epic that hits our theaters at the end of the summer.

The movie is scorching, something that the new poster, which debuted at HitFix, doesn’t quite get across. I should have a review soon to coincide with the film’s appearance at the Los Angeles Film Festival; in the meantime head over to HitFix to see the rest of the poster, and don’t make any assumptions about the film based on what you’re seeing.