As a kid in the ’80s, I remember The Equalizer very well, although I wasn’t a regular viewer.  Stingray was my show in that genre back then, despite the fact that it didn’t last nearly as long.  Probably the best equivalent to the show today would be Human Target, a program of which I am a regular – and avid – viewer.  Anyway, Edward Woodward played Robert McCall, a former secret agent of an unnamed agency who is looking to atone for past misdeeds by offering his services as a protector or troubleshooter free of charge.  It ran from 1985 to 1989.

So now, The Equalizer is apparently due for a remake, and Russell Crowe has signed himself up to ride in McCall’s Jaguar for The Weinstein Company.  The project’s been in development hell for awhile, even having Push’s Paul McGuinan attached at one point.  Seraphim Falls’ David von Ancken was most recently attached.  No word if that’s still the case or if someone else will come on board.  The premise of the former bad guy atoning is one that’s easily adaptable, and Crowe is a perfect fit for this, I think. 

Now if only I can get that theatrical reboot of Vengeance Unlimited with Michael Madsen back in it.

Thanks to Felix for the tip. 

via ComingSoon