I guess it makes sense, though.  Predators are known for having lots of keepsakes from their vacations.  Of course said keepsakes are usually people’s skulls and spines among other things I’d rather not think about.  Anyway, I’m not exactly sure of the origin, whether or not this is a repository for a Fox publicity department or whatever.  But there are a ton of publicity stills from Nimrod Antal’s upcoming film over at YFrog.

Couldn’t see them as a group and if you try to play them as a slideshow, you get a lovely “403 Forbidden” error.  But you can click the photos individually for some prime snaps from the movie.  There appear to be over 70 of them.  I looked at about 10 or so and there are some great shots of the Predators and also plenty of the human cast.  Not sure if these are up temporarily, so you might want to get over there sooner rather than later.  There are some definite spoilery shots there too, so you’ll probably want to be aware of that going in.  Predators premieres July 9th.

Thanks to Felix for the tip.