AMC has
just released the first shot of Andrew Lincoln as The Walking
star Rick Grimes. Fans of
the comic will be pleased to note that he looks exactly like he should.
The shot takes place during the events of the first comic, showing that
the comic might be pretty faithful, at least at the beginning. And
while the shot’s not an exact lift from the comic, it’s actually a
reverse shot. Check out what the original looks like.

A spy at AICN also
managed to take some pictures of a the show shooting on location in
Atlanta, and captured a crowd of zombies menacing Rick. It’s another
scene ripped straight out of the comic and actually ties in with the
shot above. After his car dies he walks a bit till he runs into a horse
stable and frees a horse that’s been trapped there. Riding it along he
makes the first of many mistakes he’ll make over the course of the comic
and rides right into Atlanta.


Here’s a
hint when the inevitable zombie apocalypse hits- you’re going
want to stay out of cities. There tend to be a lot of people there.
people = more zombies, it’s simple math, folks.

More on this exciting series as we
hear it!