E3’s not over yet, but it’s going to be hard for anyone to top Nintendo.

Those who waded through the obligatory Zelda, Just Dance, and Wii-Party presentations were rewarded with a first look at Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS handheld:

While it’s not clear exactly how the 3DS will bring 3D games, photos, and movies to its 3.5 inch top screen, E3 followers got a look at the device itself, as well as a number of launch titles and an impressive list of third-party developers, listed below:

Company chief Satoru Iwata, who led the 3DS capper-segment to end Nintendo’s presentation, unveiled the gadget’s core functions. Along with a single touchpad, the 3DS includes a slider for adjusting the 3D depth level (all the way down to zero, thankfully), both analog and directional controls, and – woah – a 3D camera. Iwata demoed the system’s flagship launch title, Kid Icarus: Uprising, which looks visually on par with something you’d see on the Wii. Perhaps most exciting, however, was a teaser list of upcoming games for the system, including Street Fighter IV, Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden, Saints Row (!), Resident Evil, and DJ Hero. A promo video for the 3DS’ 3D effect dropped strong hints that Star Fox and Donkey Kong might also be headed to the new handheld.

Will Nintendo’s glasses-free 3D be wildly innovative, mildly amusing, or just nauseating? We’ll find out soon enough, but at least we can turn it off. Also, a plea in advance: please don’t take pictures of your balls with the camera.

Image source: kotaku