I like the films of Sofia Coppola. All of them. I like Marie Antoinette a lot. Like, I think it’s a Great Movie. That said, the trailer for her latest, Somewhere, fills me with dread. See, it’s another disaffected/sad rich people movie.

Maybe this is just her finishing up her trilogy of Sad Rich People movies, with Somewhere seeming to be a tonal sequel to Lost in Translation. But if Somewhere is just the latest in an endless series of movies where Sofia examines just how, like empty, the lives of rich people are I might be tapping out of this match. I don’t know how many more times I can work up empathy for really rich people with basic boring existential crises. At least give these people real problems, like AIDS or a dead kid or having to spend millions of dollars in 30 days.

But Somewhere does look lovely, and I’m sure that Sofia knows jack shit about the lifestyles of anyone middle class or lower, so I guess this is where her general comfort zone is. But at this point she might as well just make a scifi movie for all the resonance her body of work has with 95% of America’s population.