I’m a fan of Neil Marshall’s newest film, Centurion, a bloody fun chase film set
during the Roman occupation of Britain. This is the sort of movie that
feels like exactly what CHUD readers want – lots of sword action, not
much CGI and plenty of cool actors, including Michael Fassbender and
Dominic West.

There’s a new red band trailer at
Hulu, and you have to log in to the site to see it. It won’t play
outside the borders of the US, so don’t even bother. The movie opens in
August; in the meantime, check out my review
from ActionFest right here.

Thanks, as is so often the case, to Brian Henne for the link.

src="http://www.hulu.com/embed/fi1p0dKvvdAjoJlQnRpdLg" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="512" height="288" allowFullScreen="true"/>