Just in case you haven’t yet, required reading for this article.

And in case you also haven’t heard, Breaking Dawn is due to be broken up into two films from the one book.  Bill Condon is directing both films, which will wrap up the Twilight franchise in 2012.  Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg recently spoke with Syfy as to just how they’re going to go about squeezing every bit of emo from this final tome into the two films:

“Nothing has actually been decided, but the natural split is somewhere
between [Bella’s] human in movie one, she’s a vampire [in movie two],”
Rosenberg told a group of reporters on June 12 in Beverly Hills, Calif.
“She’s human and pregnant in one, she’s a vampire and a parent in two.
Bill Condon has been looking at that from a visual standpoint, so
that’s a natural. That said, there’s a lot of room about where that
moment is.”

There’s plenty more, including some further comments from Rosenberg, including, “It was a very bold move, what Stephenie did and where she took her characters.”  Heh. 

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