We’ve literally been inundated by 3D news since Avatar came out last year.  Whether or not the movie actually changed the game for films is something that will be debated for a while.  What it did do is change the game for daily news on sites such as ours.  Seems like every other news headline lately involves the use of the “3”, the “Shift” and the “D” keys to the point where they’re wearing out on my keyboard.  Now I saw Avatar in 3D, and it was amazing.  I’ve gone off on the current 3D trend in the past, but truth to tell, I don’t hate it.  I just don’t particularly need it for every damn film coming out.  Especially when the movie is retrofitted for it to questionable results.

One bit of news regarding 3D I’m happy to write, though, is that Christopher Nolan, whose reality-bending film, Inception, is upcoming on July 16th, isn’t a big fan of the trend.  The first line in the THR.com source article puts it succinctly: Christopher Nolan’s Inception could have been a 3D movie. But the director nixed the idea.  Nolan was attending a double billing of his Insomnia and The Dark Knight at a screening hosted by Geoff Bucher’s Hero Complex.  Not that he is completely against using 3D either: “We did tests on Inception to look at the post conversion process,”
he revealed. “And they worked very well. It’s quite easy to do, in
fact. But it takes a little time, and we didn’t have the time to do it
to the standard that I would have been happy.”

Nolan also mentioned that if he did use 3D in the future, it would be in said post conversion process, because he prefers shooting in prime lenses.  Additionally, he also prefers practical effects to CGI, which is how his actors found themselves in an actual spinning room for a shot that appears in the trailer.   He also feels that his actors do better work when reacting to the real world as opposed to a digital one.  You can click over to THR.com for more from Nolan, including which movie he’s seen “hundreds of times”, plans for the next Superman movie and how often Nolan is on the internet.