The last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm continued the streak of delightful and winning comedy from the bald and misshapen mind of Larry David and each year one is left to speculate if he’s going to make the effort and do another season. So far, he’s been kind enough to grace us with another. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get tired of the grind (though Curb seems like the least grindy of all shows) and continues long into the 20-teens. Though I’m no fan of Seinfeld (the man or the show), last season was a blast and hopefully introduced a whole new group of people to the show.

It was recently announced that Ricky Gervais would be lending his ample improv gifts to the show in the upcoming 8th season, which on the surface is a harbinger of great things to come. But alas, it’s only for one episode. Hardly deserving of mention in the grand scheme. One episode is nice but when I see an article saying that “Ricky Gervais cast in Curb Your Enthusiasm” I get a little excited. Then I discover it’s just one episode and it creates a sad spot in my tummy. I bet it’ll be a great episode but just imagine the two of those guys sparring for a whole season.

That said, it makes the new season that much more exciting.

Also, Gervais appeared in one episode of the upcoming Louie C.K. show on FX and was absolutely hilarious. Look for a preview right here on CHUD for that show this coming Wednesday. I’ve seen the first four episodes and can only say that fans of Louie are going to shit themselves.