MTV has two bits of news on the developing third installment of the MIB franchise.  The first is that noted screenwriter David Koepp is coming aboard to take a crack at the script, which was originally penned by Tropic Thunder’s Etan Cohen.  Koepp’s credits of course include Spider-Man, Mission Impossible, Jurassic Park, Indy Jones and That Crystal Skull Thing and a ton of other notable films over the last 20 years. 

The other is the following quickie teaser done by WIll Smith, where he says, in Agent J style, that he’s going to make 3D look you know what.  Despite the bad taste MIIB left with everyone, I do hope that the franchise can get back on track with this threequel.  The MTV article also states that while Smith is official for the film, Tommy Lee Jones is still in advanced negotiations to return, and Josh Brolin remains “in talks” to play a younger version of Jones’ character, Agent K. Additionally, Sacha Baron Cohen will play a character named Boris in the film.

One last detail is that the film will reportedly be set in 1969 for much of the film’s run.  This could be a clue, which would be cool, that rather than another alien coming to Earth looking for something, the baddie could be Alpha, the first MIB agent and K’s mentor that went rogue and got into the habit of grafting alien appendages to himself.  Alpha was part of the MIB animated cartoon from the late ’90s.  That’s only fanwank on my part, but it would definitely change things up.  Anyway, here’s Smith’s promo.