I’m kind of looking forward
to the Blu-Ray of Clash of the Titans so that I can revisit the film with
lower expectations and without the worst imaginable 3D ruining
everything for me. I’ve heard that there should be a good number of
deleted scenes on the disc, but whether or not they’ll be added back
into the film is up in the air, especially as many of them would require
FX work.

means it’s unlikely that the home video version of Clash will
restore the movie back to what Louis Letterier originally shot (see here
for details
), which
means that the pending sequel will take up from the ending where Io, who
just wanted to be dead, comes back to life as a ‘happy ending.’

to the LA Times
, the guy
who will be picking up the reins for Io and Perseus could be Jonathan
Liebesman, a director who started out in horror on films like Darkness
Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
. Liebesman is just wrapping up the
alien invasion flick Battle: Los Angeles, and was pitching Warner Bros his
take on Homer’s The Odyssey when the suits decided maybe he was
the guy to do Ancient Greek for them.

If Liebesman takes the gig don’t be
surprised if elements from his Odyssey pitch make it into the film – odds
are even that there’s a Cyclops. And that Cyclops won’t be able to enjoy
the film, as Clash 2 will be shot in 3D, and not
post-converted like the first.

WB wants to get the film going ASAP;
The LA Times says they’re aiming for an early 2011 shoot so that they
can get to Sam Worthington before James Cameron calls him back for Avatar 2.
Looks like Worthington’s full frontal assault on franchises is finally
paying off.