Dear Marvel –

#1 – Please watch “Justice League – Crisis on Two Earths” direct to DVD animated movie.
#2 – Do that.



Wow. Just Wow.

Direct to DVD superhero movies have not been doing it for me lately. Everything from Doomsday and on has just sorta fell flat for me.  Even the Dark Knight anime was painfully “meh” in my opinion.

It was so bad I almost wasn’t even going to bother with this one; after 3 seasons of JLA on TV what could they possibly do that we haven’t seen done better?


I feel like an idiot fanboy gushing over this and getting so excited  but really – it is PERFECT.  They get it. They got it and I LOVED it!

Lauren Montgomery and Sam Liu have really done something special here. The voice work is fresh and really spot on, but the best part of all . . . Batman.

He is actually Batman. He acts like Batman would act. He thinks like Batman would think. He is also a total and complete bad ass – as well he should be.

I’m going to go watch it again.