reports that Stana Katic and Odette Yustman have both joined the cast of The DoubleThe story follows a retired CIA operative (Richard Gere) who partners with a young FBI agent (Topher Grace) to track down the killer of a senator.  Katic plays a feisty Russian prostitute who fiercely protects key information.  Yustman has the role of Grace’s character’s wife, a strong woman who raises a family while coping with her husband’s Bureau career.

Katic is currently co-starring in ABC’s Castle with Nathan Fillion (love it), and has also appeared in Quantum of Solace and The Spirit.  Yustman’s credits include the TV show, October Road and Cloverfield.  Writer Michael Brandt (3:10 To Yuma, Wanted) has scripted with Derek Haas and is making his debut in the big chair.  Katic will also be appearing in the upcoming Truth About Kerry and Batman: Arkham Asylum II video game as Talia al Ghul.  Yustman will be seen in You Again alongside Betty White, Kristen Bell and Sigourney Weaver.