The Comedy Central Roasts of various stars have frequently been enjoyable affairs, although with some puzzling aspects at times.  Past roastees include Denis Leary, Jeff Foxworthy, Pamela Anderson, Larry the Cable Guy, Flavor Flav and William Shatner.  Now Comedy Central has announced that their next target of slings and arrows will be David Hasselhoff, says TV Guide

On the one hand, I usually enjoy when pals and even noted enemies of the stars get up and just rip them new ones.  I was shocked that Nichelle Nichols and especially George Takei showed up for Shatner’s roast.  On the other hand though, the “Lisa Lampanelli fucks black guy” jokes played themselves out about three roasts ago.  Also, some of the obviousness of the jokes, like Joan Rivers’ plastic surgery are frequently a downside. 

Anyway, Hasselhoff should be a good candidate to get skewered.  The special tapes this summer and airs on August 15th on Comedy Central.