Frank Marshall turned to Twitter to reveal that there is in fact a
fourth Bourne movie
heading forward, that it’s called The Bourne Legacy,
and that Tony Gilroy is writing it.

And that’s all we know. The Bourne
the title of one of the non-Ludlum written books in the Robert Ludlum
series, but that doesn’t tell us anything, as none of the previous films
had that much to do with the books upon which they were supposedly
based. But the title does seem evocative of a potentially post-Matt
Damon franchise. After all, Damon said that he would only do a fourth Bourne if
Paul Greengrass were returning, and we know that the director will not
be back on board for a fourth go-round.

So could this legacy be a new Jason Bourne? Instead of doing a
reboot or a prequel, could the film create a new character who just
happens to have the Jason Bourne code name? That’s what
continuity-obsessed James Bond fans have always wanted for their series,
and Bourne is
essentially Bond for the post-9/11 world.

I really love the three Bourne films
as they stand now; it’s so rare to see a franchise like this offer such
excellent closure. Marshall et al need to have a strong, strong concept
to get me excited for a fourth.

The most telling aspect of all this,
though, is that Gilroy – who ‘wrote’ the first three films – is writing a
“Bourne Bible” for future installments, which means Universal sees this
as very much a long-running franchise. The fourth film won’t be some
kind of coda but rather likely a whole new beginning.