The best perk of this job? Not traveling to foreign countries or meeting all the movie stars. No, I’d have to say the biggest perk of this job is getting an early heads up on what Mondotees is putting out next. And what they’re putting out next is the first in a series of Star Trek related posters.

Yes, a series. Look for more Trek from Mondotees in the future. And to open this new series they’re starting with a bang: Khan! But the gang at Mondotees are real nerds, so this isn’t a Wrath of Khan poster… it’s a fucking Space Seed poster.

The poster goes on sale some time today – keep checking in on the Mondo site to get your chance to pay a measly 35 bucks for one of 300 limited prints (or 135 for a wood print!). Well, one of 299 prints… I’m totally buying one of these.

Click here for the Mondo store.