UPDATE: While the original article (which has been inexplicably wiped) described New Zealand site Stuff’s unsubstantiated claims that Spielberg and Lucas were working hard on Indy 5 to begin shooting next year, everything was bullshit!

The piece claimed the new films would take place around the Bermuda Triangle, feature plenty of Mutt, and mark a return to old-school style filmmaking (ha!). The source claimed the script was “almost there.”

Last night, USA Today’s film writer Anthony Breznican contacted Lucasfilm and actually got a response… it’s all bull’s shit.

…via his twitter…

“Lucasfilm tells me flat-out: #IndianaJones 5 rumors, Bermuda Triangle, etc, are completely bogus. Not happening.”

Not the least bit surprising, but a happy update nonetheless.

Thanks to John Bierly.

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